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DASH is upgrading to Superset 1.5: Empowering your Data Journey

We are excited to share that a fresh iteration of Apache Superset, the Comotion Dash visualization layer, is scheduled for release on October 24, 2023, to our beta user community. Following this beta phase, it will be officially launched for production, on January 19, 2024. The new version includes notable enhancements in the user experience related to dashboard native filters, coupled with performance boosts and increased system stability.

It's worth mentioning that 1.5 is anticipated to be the concluding minor release for Superset's first version, paving the way for the forthcoming Superset 2.0.

Some Highlighted Features of Version 1.5

  • Filters:

    • Native Filters: Dashboards now load faster, and the user experience with filters and dashboard tabs has been improved.

    • Native Filter Bar: The "Apply" and "Clear all" buttons are now intuitively located in the bottom-left corner.

    • Multiple Filter Dependency: Native filters can now depend on choices from multiple other filters, allowing for more refined selections.

  • Chart Features:

    • Custom SQL: You can create custom expressions directly within charts, eliminating the need to store them as preset expressions.

    • Single & Double Quotes: Filter values now support both single and double quotes for broader input options.

    • Drag and Drop: Easily drag a column into a metric, speeding up your workflow and eliminating manual entry of column names.

    • Generic Chart Axis: Support for various x-axis types in ECharts, offering more charting flexibility.

  • Caching:

    • URL Limit: URL Limit: We've improved dashboards with many filters by storing key settings, called "Explore States", more efficiently, resulting in faster loading and shorter URLs.

    • Permalink: Revamped permanent dashboard links for improved security and functionality.

    • Deprecate Persisting URL Parameters: Charts now accept new URL parameters without replacing the initial ones, making integration into other apps seamless.

These updates are just a handful of features that enhance the performance, usability, and flexibility of the platform, providing a more efficient and user-friendly experience.

For an in-depth explanation, check out our technical blog post by clicking the "Learn More" button below:

As always, we value your feedback and are here to help with any questions or concerns. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We look forward to hearing from you!


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