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Enhancing insights tables with Run Triggers

We're excited to introduce a new feature to our insights tables: Run Triggers. This addition is set to change the way we handle our data, particularly in the realm of business analytics.

What are insights tables?

Insights tables are crucial for business users, offering packaged data sources that are refreshed daily. They form the backbone of our dashboards, keeping them current with the latest data inputs. Typically managed by Data Analysts, these tables are crafted for ease of use and intuitive interaction.

What is the role of Run Triggers?

Run Triggers are essentially conditions that dictate the execution of specific queries. Run Triggers automatically determine which insights tables need to be refreshed, instead of recalculating every insight table.

How Does this Benefit You?

  • Cost Savings: Run Triggers significantly reduce costs associated with data recalculations.

  • Data Processing Efficiency: Each insight run only updates the required insights tables - significantly reducing the time to deliver updated insights to your dashboards.

  • Timely Decision-Making: Run Triggers provide faster access to insights, aiding analysts and stakeholders in making informed decisions.

Read More: For a deeper dive into the technicalities of Run Triggers, check out our detailed technical blog post by clicking the "Find out more" button below.

These enhancements are not just a short-term fix; they lay the groundwork for sustained efficiency, cost savings, and quality insights delivery.


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