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Good Quality Mendix Developers are Critical to Project Delivery.

Flatten the Risk on Your Project.

Hire a Comotion Mendix Developer.

Comotion is a Mendix Partner

Comotion has been a Mendix delivery partner since 2013, mainly operating in the investment, finance and insurance industries.

We're based in Cape Town, South Africa but service clients in Africa, Europe and North America. We have experience in working across multiple timezones.  

We work with teams in all phases of project delivery, from the innovation stage all the way through to post-release support.

Book our developers for short or long term Mendix projects.

What will happen to your project if you don't access the top developers?

If you don't find the right people, your project is in danger; let us work on your Mendix delivery within your project framework.

Have Us on Your Team in 3 Steps

1. Book a call
If you don't find the right people, your project is in danger; let us work on the Mendix delivery within your project framework.

2. Sign our work order
After establishing an agreement in principle, we formalise that agreement in a work order. Once the work order is signed, we start with a simple planning and then onboarding phase to make sure that our developers understand the outcomes of the project

3. Start the project
Our developers work in your project framework to deliver the needed functionality.

Good Low-Code Developers are Hard to Find

As the global demand for new systems and features grows, it has become increasingly hard to find the right resource partners to fulfil your need.

At Comotion, we understand that the right mix of innovation, project delivery focus and long term relationships are needed to deliver working projects.


Our developers are certified, focused and ready to take on challenges.

What our Customers are Saying


Comotion and Mendix have allowed us to rapidly develop an admin system that meets our unique needs, and is already helping to streamline our client service offices.

Simone Naidoo
Operations Manager,  Lion of Africa Life

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