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Como Auth: Improving Insurance Companies’ Efficiency and User Security Instantly

Comotion offers a module approach to building life insurance applications. Our digital business offerings assist ambitious life insurance companies in innovating their business models. For example, using Comotion's platform, financial institutions can reduce the time to market and make information processing more efficient and straightforward. Comotion allows insurance companies to select their pre-built modules and connect them to form their unique 'plug-in' application, which uses a business's custom logic and processes.

The Problem

Financial institutions have access to more solutions than ever before due to the rise of cloud computing and SaaS (Software as a Service) applications. While this is positive for growth, the increase of use brings the proliferation of threats to data security. As a result, company data is not always safe!

Not all threats are technical; in fact, most threats surround users' management and multiple profiles. A complexity that increases with every new system a company uses.

The Solution

Comotion's component solution to the life insurance industry offers "Como Auth". Como Auth is a single sign-on and authentication component. It allows life insurance companies access to the fleet of SaaS applications that they use. This means companies can offer their products and services while keeping user control centrally. In addition, Como-Auth can be used on its own and integrated into any existing company software.

In the imaginary circumstance that an employee is leaving the business, usually, the company takes responsibility for removing access across all applications. But using Como Auth means that a company can remove access centrally and retain access.

Como Auth comes built-in with security features such as multi-factor authentication, blocking brute force attacks and more!

What happens if you don’t control centrally?

Imagine the same scenery but without single sign-on functionality. Further, still, imagine forgetting to revoke access on one of the applications the company uses? Technically, this is classified as a data breach!

More complications arise when employees are forced to memorise countless usernames and passwords. Surely this will increase the complexity and stress for your company?

View of Success

Como Auth, as part of our digital business offering, offers companies can centrally manage access to Comotion's life solution and reduce the risk of data breaches. This means no more multiple logins and forgotten passwords. As a result, user efficiencies are sure to increase steadily!

Financial institutions that can promise complete data protection and user security to their clients and employees is invaluable.

Comotion Business Solutions specialises in helping companies reinvent vital aspects of their business models using solutions like Como Auth. Get in touch with us about unlocking the Comotion LIfe approach's benefits to your business.


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