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Supercharge Business Development initiatives with Mendix

Eric Ries, a custodian of the silicon valley lean startup movement stresses the importance of any business to test assumptions in their respective business models. Once certain of a business plan IT expenses can be largely justified, anything before that level of surety is normally a waist. Putting money into testing assumptions has, up until this point, typically been tested via a messy combination of unmeasured conversation and vapourware.

One of the key strengths Mendix brings to the table is the combination of rapid development and, what I call, ‘pivotability”. Pivotability is essentially a system’s ability to pivot based on business direction. This is something that traditional IT systems handle really poorly, but something that businesses have to do, especially in the early development phases.

In Mendix the application logic is captured within an activity flow-like interface making it simple for business domain experts to both understand and change business logic. This process makes pivoting on a technology platform possible.

Mendix then takes further steps to ensure rapid development. The platform contains an open market allowing users to add functionality such as graphs, captcha, usage calculators, financial calculators, Sales Force integrations etc. at drag and drop speeds. Mendix then allows the logic to be exported in both desktop web and mobile interfaces increasing the number of channels business can offer the application through. Scaling the solution is handled through the Mendix cloud platform meaning that businesses can make the most out of successful assumptions. All it takes is one click!

A diagram of the workflow you would follow during a typical Mendix assisted business development process.

The ease at which applications can be developed, changed and deployed allows businesses to create and soundly test assumptions. Allowing potential target markets to have a functional and scalable solution at the time duration it takes other businesses to build vapourware.

Comotion Business Solutions specialises in helping companies to reinvent key aspects of their business models using solutions like these. Talk to us today about unlocking the benefits that low code can bring!

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