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What Is Mendix

Comotion is, at heart, a technology company that builds connected systems. Our focus is and always will be creating business value through the leveraging of relevant technology. We therefore often review technologies focusing in on mainly the data analytics and operational development space. One technology has stood out far above the others in the operational development space: Mendix.

Mendix is a rapid development platform as a service (PaaS) businesses use to quickly create enterprise grade applications via a small developer overhead.

Or, as Forrester puts it:

“Mendix provides a PaaS dedicated to the rapid developer. Mendix is focused solely on providing rapid developers with a time- and effort-saving alternative to conventional development platforms.”

The Mendix Approach is Visual

One of the key difference in the Mendix approach is the use of activity flow diagrams to capture system logic. Modellers (Mendix developers) essentially model the solution in a notation that business experts can visually understand. It is possible to construct an entire solution without even seeing a line of the Java code underpinning the platform.

The Forrester report continues:

“Mendix includes extensive visual, declarative development and delivery tools, prebuilt application components, and support for both web and mobile application creation.”

The effect is that little time or confusion is waisted in the communication of the solution between business and IT resulting in a unifying of those departments as well as a more accurate and lean solution.

Comotion Business Solutions specialises in helping companies to reinvent key aspects of their business models using solutions like these. Talk to us today about unlocking the benefits that low code can bring!

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