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Low-code platforms like Mendix are taking over the enterprise. The benefits are hard to ignore.

Low-code is taking over the enterprise, and many companies are finding benefits from these platforms. Platforms, such as Mendix (which we use extensively in the solutions we implement), allow quicker turnaround times, higher system quality and smaller teams. These benefits are increasingly becoming clear to companies, and adoption is catching on. Forrester’s new report explains that there is adoption of these platforms driven both by business managers (independent of IT!) and by central Application Development and Delivery teams.

The report highlights a number of ways that businesses are getting this right, which include:

  • Low-code tools raise the productivity and capacity of AD&D teams but also empower businesspeople to create the apps that they need but which central AD&D can’t prioritize

  • Helping customers to speed delivery of specialized, purpose-built solutions for their business model. This ensures that companies can more easily tailor their solutions to suite and augment their competitive advantages (as opposed to relying on industry standard products which require expensive development to solidify competitive advantage)

  • Taking advantage of decentralised purchasing authority that low-code enables, divisions and departments often implement systems independent of central IT’s involvement. This has it’s own risks, but the cost and agility benefits to this approach are clear.

The problem with low-code platforms is that they are really easy to implement (ironically). The risks attached to this are a plethora of solutions that are not fully thought through that can invade an enterprise like a cancer, and that will be difficult to maintain or eradicate once implemented. The report highlights the following approach to limit this:

  • Coordinated implementation between participants. Developing common services, practices, and skills in development projects.

  • Light touch governance in the form of smart processes, safety nets, and guardrails for all participants (governance more by “influence” than “dictation”)

  • An actively managed application portfolio

What is clear is that enterprises can simply no longer ignore the low-code wave.

Comotion Business Solutions specialises in helping companies to reinvent key aspects of their business models using solutions like these. Talk to us today about unlocking the benefits that low code can bring!

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