Diversity increases the probability of success in the innovation process. Greater diversity allows for the creation of multiple points of view. Viewing the problem space from different lenses can be beneficially open opportunities or avoid expensive pitfalls. Unfortunately, creating diversity is resources intensive exercise.

One way to overcome the resource constraint while achieving diversity, and thereby access to knowledge, is through networking. Networking broadens networks and widens the inflow of knowledge into the problem-solution space. excitement

Networking, in this context, is the creation of both formal and informal ties between people who share a similar meaning over both short and long term durations.

Walter Powell and Stine Grodal have studied networking within the field of innovation; in summary, there are four different types of networking:

1. Primordial

Members of these networks have related interests, values, and obstacles. These connections typically exist before the formulation of a specific innovation. Innovations arise out of similar pain points or perceived opportunities.

2. Invisible Collage

These are networks of loosely coupled participants, often ring-fenced together to create a particular innovation. Once the system has served its purpose or the change established, the network is typically disbanded.

3. Supply Chains

Supply chains are linked nodes often portrayed by well-defined deliverables. Strict overarching forces harmonize each nodes involvement. Each node within the network has a particular purpose during the production of innovation in this context.

4. Planned

The formulation of planned network happens with a definite intention and often found within legally stipulated parameters. The members of the planned network are selected or recruited due to a particular strength or skill they would bring to the network. Bonds are intentionally forged to formulate an innovation.

Innovations resulting from knowledge inputs out of diverse parts have a higher chance of success. Innovation networking, when appropriately used, can deliver an efficient increase in diverse knowledge during the innovation process.

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Comotion CEO, Tim Vieyra, joined Benito Vergotine on The Honest Truth show on Smile90.4 FM. They spoke about Comotion's partnership with Reinsurance Group of America to use the Comotion Dash platform to bring insights to the Life Insurance industry.

About Comotion Dash

Comotion Dash is a data insight and analytics platform that combines both scalable data storage and visualisation. It is a package of open source and cloud-based services that ensure that insights can be used for both operational and strategic decisions.

For more information about Comotion Dash click here.

To listen to the interview, click here.

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Announcing new security and usability enhancements to Comotion Dash. Data protection is at the top of everyone's mind at the moment, and rightfully so. Increased threat levels from a number of sources, and increased legal requirements (in South Africa, Europe and America) mean that companies need to think about data protection now more than ever. To that end, Comotion is bringing the following security enhancements to Comotion Dash.

Multi-factor Authentication

Multifactor authentication adds an extra layer of security when logging on to your Comotion account. You will be prompted to download an app to your phone that will provide a one time pin for every time you log in. If you would like assistance in setting this up, please contact your Comotion representative. Note that this will be enabled on all accounts from Friday 17th May 2019, so ensure you allow for some extra time on Friday to log in.

IP Address Limitation

IP Address limitation ensures that you can only get into your Dash account from certain IP addresses. This will generally be from your office IP address. It is highly recommended to make use of this feature as it ensures that only users from your locations can access the system. To enable this, send your IP addresses to your Comotion representative who will be able to set it up for you.

Large Query Support

Previously large queries would cause the frontend of Dash to fail. We have improved support for large queries via the sql-lab. Large queries can be run - although it may take some time to download the results. Downloads are limited to 50 000 lines. Should you want to gain access to the full dataset of a particular query, get in touch with your Comotion representative.

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