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Team Como

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We help companies in the financial services and adjacent spaces to reinvent their business model for the digital age, using technologies like Mendix, as well as its own suite of internal products to help rapidly develop innovative and responsive systems.

We have had success in the life insurance, investment and healthcare industries.

“We like Comotion’s approach — they don’t just follow the beaten path. They are curious and develop solutions that make sense from a cost and sustainability point of view. RGA has a legacy of innovation, and this approach works very well with our own ethos.”

Tjaart Esterhuyse
RGA South Africa


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We’re a passionate and talented group of entrepreneurs and engineers working together to build the future.

We're looking to work with equally passionate developers, system architects and business analysts. If you're something of a data or insurance geek, you'll find a home with us.


We partner and build with innovative businesses looking to make an impact in their market.

We have had success in the life insurance, investment, healthcare and logistics industries.

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Why Work With Comotion?

You have an idea for a new digital business offering, and are eager to get to market quickly.

Comotion has a track record of delivering new solutions rapidly. Our combination of business and technological expertise makes us an ideal partner in bringing new ideas to market.

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