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We use a combination of emerging technologies, combined with our own home-grown solutions to speed the innovation process along

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Mendix Development Services

Our Mendix development team has a mix of technical and business expertise to drive innovative solutions

We have a range of contract structures that ensure we are running in the same direction as our clients.  Our track record speaks for itself.

Comotion Dash

Fast and cost-effective data management and visualisation platform. Charged by usage not by users.

Comotion Dash combines a number of cutting edge data technologies to offer a cost effective Data Lake and Visualisation platform.

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Comotion Debit Mendix Component

Cost effective debit orders embedded directly in your system

Our partnership with one of the largest Debit Order processors in South Africa means significant cost savings.

Comotion Utilities

Set of boiler-plate utilities that significantly speeds up development.

Make sure that the development process is focussed on things that make a difference.  Our growing basket of utilities means that functions like email, sms and bulk data loading are taken care of.

Gardening Tools

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